The theme of (body) consciousness has always fascinated me and i have investigated it in many ways. From all kinds of dance (therapies) and yoga, to healthy food styles and meditation. I found massage a powerful tool to get in touch with my body and after a Reiki and Classical massage course i searched for a therapy that connected the two- the energetic and physical. After the first shiatsu treatment i received, i was very touched and followed the 4 year educational program to become an Iokai shiatsu therapist.

Shen can be translated as spirit. According to Eastern medicine, the Shen is supposed to live in the heart. Shen is the consciousness, the spiritual activity, anchored in matter – it is the connection between body and mind. Shen can be perceived as someone’s appearance, radiation.

In my treatments i find it important to bring people back into contact with their bodies through loving touch and to make them aware of what is going on there, so that the self-healing capacity of the body is activated. This touch can sometimes be relaxing, confronting, soft or dynamic – the focus is to bring body and mind back into balance, to get what is stuck and to awake the spirit.