Shiatsu is a Japanese word that can be literally translated as finger pressure. It is a pressure point massage in which the practitioner applies pressure on the recipient’s body with the fingers, hands, elbows or knees. It is a holistic therapy based on the meridians. All these meridians are linked to an organ and / or body function. Shiatsu is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Different forms of diagnosis (like hara/ belly-, back- or pulse diagnose) are used to determine the cause of the complaint and pressure is put on the meridians to balance body and mind.

For who?

Shiatsu is pleasant for anyone who wants to receive loving touch, get out of the head and back into the body. In addition, shiatsu can provide relief from complaints.

Shiatsu has a holistic approach and not only looks at a specific complaint, but at the client as a whole. In this way, shiatsu can provide relief from complaints.

Some complaints that shiatsu can help with:

– stress, burnout
– insomnia, fatigue
– headache, migraine
– back, shoulder complaints
– complaints of a depressive nature
– menstrual complaints, PMS, transition
– joint pain, muscle pain
– digestive, stomach, intestinal complaints

Shiatsu can also be used as a prevention method. It strengthens the immune system, restores the (energy) balance, and claims the self-healing ability of the body, so that you get sick less quickly and complaints can be prevented.

* Shiatsu is not a substitute for regular medicine. It is a therapy with a holistic view of the body. In case of serious complaints, always consult your doctor first.